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Employment Lawyers for Work and Job Issues including Redundancy, Abuse and Discrimination Solicitors and Attorneys

Looking for a lawyer to help you with your work problem? Do you need an unfair dismissal lawyer, an employment law lawyer, a discrimination or abuse at work lawyer, a redundancy lawyer for retrenchment issues? Look them up on Lawyer Choice.

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Phil Butler Employment Law : Employment Law

Website: Phil Butler Employment Law : Employment Law
Location: Christchurch
Region: Canterbury
Country: New Zealand
More info: Along with employment lawyers, we provide specialist advice on employment law, disputes & mediation, personal grievances, workplace bullying / harassment, unfair dismissal and redundancy law in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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Please note this content is general information only and it does not constitute legal advice.

Employment and workplace law touches a large number of issues related to work dynamics. These laws can be fundamentally different from country to country, from state to state and from industry to industry. Moreover, government-owned organisations often have different employee laws from privately owned businesses. Private companies will often have a few different types of employment agreement contracts in place.

Employment lawyers including employemnt solicitors and attorneys should be able to assist you with your work place legal questions and issues. It may be helpful to find a local lawer or a law firm - they may be well-positioned to advise within the local employment framework of laws.

These are the main areas of work place and employment law thay you may seek lawyer advice or assistance:

Employment lawyer for an employer: business, company, organisation, charity, trust or a government body

Human Relations lawyer for an employer: business, company, organisation, charity, trust or a government body

Employment lawyer for an employee employed in a business, company, organisation, charity, trust or a government body.

Employemnt lawyer for an employer and business employment solicitor

Most company and comercial lawyers should be able to assist with these aspects of employee management in business:
• Lawyer assistance with commercial advice and resolution of employment disputes
• Lawyer help with employment contract drafting
• Lawyer assistance with resolution of work place disputes by adjucations, arbitration or court litigation
• Lawyer asssitance with managign an employee grievance
• Lawyer advice on and assistance with redundancy and dismissal issues
• Lawyer advice on personal restraint of trade
• Lawyer assistance with employment confidentiality and confidential imformation at your business
• Lawyer help with drafting and executing non-disclosure documents (NDAs)
• Lawyer for workplace law
• Lawyer for privacy regarding business operations and company privacy policy including the protection of customer privacy data: privacy solisitor or privacy attorney
• Lawyer assistance with employee complaint, grievance or employment problem or complaint
• Lawyer assistance with work place health, safety and ohs issues
• Lawyer assistance with employee share and options schemes
• Lawyer help with employment contract drafting, employee agreement negotiotion and draft
• Lawyer advice on optimal process for hiring an employee or a contractor
• Lawyer advice on ending employment/b>
• Lawyer help with company staff restructuring and re-organisation
• Lawyer assistance wiith cases of personal grievance
• Lawyer assistance with an employee dispute or conflict at work
• Lawyer advice on staff employee dismissal
• Lawyer assistance with restraint of trade law
• Lawyer help with signing up an employment agreement
• Lawyer assistance with managing ongoing employment agreement and contract or changing job description or employment contract while being employed
• Lawyer advice on performance reviews
• Lawyer assistance with disciplinary process including poor performance management
• Lawyer help with your business or company adapting to new law and government and regulatory changes
• Lawyer assistance with employee handbook and instruction and procedure manual
• Lawyer advice on employee reirement planning and transitioning
• Workplace law specialist
• Lawyer help with an unfair dismissal claim
• Lawyer help with an unfair warning claim
• Lawyer assistance with court proceedings and law suit by an employee
• Lawyer advice on workplace stress related claims

Human Resources lawyer for an employer: business, company, organisation, charity, trust or a government body

Managing your staff is an essential factor in your business success. They are those who implement your company directives. Putting the right processes and procedures in place will help you organise your human resources right from th beginning.

You have certain rights to expect certain performance levels from your employees. But you also have a number of obligations towards your staff. Depending on which industry you are in, the list of your duties towards your employees can be severe and, if not followed, can have serious implications on your business.

A lawyer or law firm that specialises in employment issues should be able to assist you with these:
• Lawyer help with employment matters including employment job contract
• Lawyer assistance with HR rules and regulations compliance
• Lawyer assitance with contract interpretation
• Lawyer assistance with work place harassment and discrimination claims including employee abuse, bullying at work, sexual harassment and abuse, degrading or offensive behaviour claim by an employee, racial discriminnation, gender discrimination, age discrimination
• Lawyer advice on leave issues including annual leave, long service leave, family leave, holiday leave, maternity leave, parenting leave, adoption leave, bereavement leave
• Lawyer assistance when dealing with poor performance
• Lawyer assisttance with suspected employee staff misconduct, theft or breaching trade and business secrets agreements

Employment job lawyer or solicitor for an employee working in a business, company, organisation, charity, trust or a government body - work place lawyers for employees.

It's often hard to negotiate or see fairness when you have a dispute or conflict with your boss but, at the same time, you'd like to keep your job. You need to evaluate your situation and act accordingly. In some cases advice from an experienced lawyer who can guide you through your work place dispute, may be invaluable.

An employment lawyer may be able to assist you with these legal issues:
• Lawyer help with unfair warning or not fair or not justified performance management - solicitor or attorney
• Lawyer to advise you on work place bullying case by a manager or a co-worker - an employment solicitor or attorney should be able to assist with such claims
• Lawyer to help you with your job-related harrasment claim including sexual harassment by your employer, manager, other boss or another person at work, unwanted advances on personal level, unwanted flirting or romancing or behaving in an untowards manner - an experienced employment solicitor or attorney should be able to assist with such cases
• Lawyer to assist you with your claim regarding discrimination at work including:
- racial discrimination (for example not being offered an opportunity for promotion based solely on you being a migrant),
- gender discrimination (for example when you are a woman and this is why you are not offered a promotion or being offered a lower salary comapred with a male worker in a very similar job).
- Also a lawyer should be able to help with your age discrimination claim. This may be that you have been denied a job or promotion based on your age.
An experienced employment lawer solicitor or attorny should be able to advise you on your work discrimination claim.

• Employment lawyer to advise you on your claim regarding unreasonable stress at work and related health risk or health damage.
• Employment lawyer to assist you with your claim relating to an accident at work and while performing duties related to your job.
• Lawyer to help you with questions and law claim related to unreasonable risk, danger, stress and fatigue and hazard at work
• Lawyer advice on employee mistreatment that has a detrimental effect on the employee's dignity, safety and well-being

Bullying at work - this is no small matter and an experienced lawyer and solicitor may be needed

Work place bullying is more common and silently accepted than most people think. That does not mean that nothing can be done about it. On the contrary, most countries have laws that define the characteristics of bullying at work. There are laws and severe penalties for bullying at work. You should consult a local lawyer who has a solid history regarding cases when an employee was being bullied at work either by a manager, the business owner or another employee or colleague.

Buling at work instead of redundancy - seek lawyer's help

There have been a number of situations when an employee is bullied on purpose. The employer or, more often, a line manager, wants to get rid of an inconvenient employee who is otherwise a solid employee and there are no reasons for disciplinary action or ending the job contract. The manager wants to make the employee's life at work unbearable and hopes that the employee just resigns instead of being given retrenchment and redundancy payout. Often the manager is not able to justtify the redundancy or doesn't want to lose the job position in the team, but just wants to get rid of that particular employee. The manager may be planning to bring his or her own friend to that role and that's why he or she is bullying the employee.

What does bullying at work look like?

There are many ways which can be classified as bulying at work. Often a bully talks to the victim in a hostile, angry or outright threatening manner. There are contradictory instructions, threatening actions: verbal, non-verbal and physical, bad-mouthing about this person behind his or her back in order to further undermine this person's credibility at work. The bully often tries to create a hostile network around his or her victim. Often the bully manager manages to persuade his or her friends at work to join the network of bullying the target victim to speed up the process of getting rid of him or her without the redundancy payout. The bullying manager often abouses his or her power, interferes with the recommended flow of work and introduces contradicting or misleading instructions and impossible requirements thus creating further confusion and stress to the employee.

I am being bullied at work - what can I do?

The situation can be complicated, and it depends on how much you want to keep this particular job. Most importantly, keep notes of the bullying actions including quotes, dates, names of people and places - they may become the most vital documents should legal action be needed. Sometimes talking to the Human Resources department may bring a solution to the problem. Also, openly talking to your manager's manager may help providing it's not their shared plan to make you resign. Sometimes openly telling them something along the lines of "if you'd like to get rid of me, offer me retrenchment instead of all this bullying" may help. However, in same cases advice and assistance from an experienced work lawyer, work solicitor or attorny may be very helpful.

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